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What to Expect From a Joker Origin Film

What to Expect From a Joker Origin Film

When The Joker origin film was announced, it brought a lot of excitement but a bit of controversy too. Not every single fan wants a Joker origin film because some think The Joker’s origin is best left a mystery as originally intended. When Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland was released, that changed. Moore introduced the moniker of The Red Hood and utilized that to explain who The Joker was before he became the clown prince of crime. What is specifically interesting is this will not be tied whatsoever to the DC Extended Universe or the villains within the Ben Affleck Batman universe. Another actor will be stepping into the purple suit to portray the crazed clown and that could provide for some interesting chances to get a really big name or an unknown who could surprise everyone.

However, would this actor create so much buzz and excitement that it may derail the efforts of another great actor, Jared Leto, who plays the character in the DC Extended Universe, from sustaining their popularity? Leto’s Joker is definitely an interesting one who may need help from Texas detox centers. It’s certainly a question that may need to be asked in the context of their shared universe efforts. Confusion has been a concern seemingly of Warner Brothers in the past since they have not allowed this type of thing to previously occur. Yet, now with Gotham on TV and the characters portrayed in both animated and live action properties, things seem to be changing at Warner Brothers. And the talent they brought on for this specific project was indeed surprising.

Martin Scorsese, a man who has directed and produced a great number of award winning film and television properties, is producing this film alongside Todd Phillips, who will direct the film. If you have enjoyed either of their films, then it’s going to be something special. What’s also interesting is Scott Silver, who wrote 8 Mile with Phillips, will also write this film with Phillips as well. It’s expected Batman: The Killing Joke will probably be a huge influence on the story given their intention of making a film set in early-80s Gotham City.

If they were to do a film based on that story, it would be likely to include Batman, who is famous for accidentally causing The Joker to have such an accident, leading to his creation. It was played up by Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson in Batman. The 1989 film drew inspiration from the Alan Moore storyline and expanded upon it further, making The Joker the man who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents and inevitably led to him becoming Batman. The fact they created one another gave the film some uniqueness in its decision to alter the original source materials to do something unique and great.

Phillips will prove an interesting choice to lead this film, given some of his films such as Old School and The Hangover. Some of the characters in those films might have needed help from Texas detox centers. Because of his experience with comedic actors, you may end up seeing someone of that caliber portraying The Joker rather than more dramatic actors such as Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, or Jared Leto. Despite that, the film aims to be closer to the work of Scorsese. This may push Phillips into some new territory that he has not explored too much of. He has written The Fighter, which may prove to be the closest film to any work Scorsese ever has done.

So, now begin the casting questions. Who will play The Joker? Could we be getting a new actor to play Batman too? Many questions will begin to be asked about this project as Phillips and Silver continue to write the movie. This project does not seem to be rushed and is part of a new series of films Warner Brothers is seeking to release that do not have any connection to the DC Extended Universe and can expand upon the DC characters in new and exciting ways.

Giving Scorsese and Phillips the opportunity to tell such a story like this may prove fruitful for not only the studio but everyone involved. No one would turn down seeing a Scorsese-produced Joker movie, right? Well, there are definitely fans probably out there who would. Only time will tell as the development of this film continues.

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