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Why Didn’t People Like BLADE RUNNER 2049?

Why Didn’t People Like BLADE RUNNER 2049?

For many fans of the original movie, it’s come across as a bit of a surprise. Most people do not understand why Blade Runner 2049 only made $32,753,122 during its open weekend domestically. Even with the additional $49,233,908 made internationally, adding up to a total $81,987,030 globally for the film’s opening weekend, the film failed to make back its budget of $150 million. It’s a strange thing to think that the film, which currently boasts an 88 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, would not resonate with audiences given its cast including Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Jared Leto. The website says the following about the film: “Visually stunning and narratively satisfying, Blade Runner 2049 deepens and expands its predecessor’s story while standing as an impressive filmmaking achievement in its own right.”

With critics loving the film, there seems to be more fans who aren’t as positive about the movie. Some, like Ivan G, find it to be the complete opposite of what critics are saying. “I was rooting for this film, but it’s pompous, slow-going & sometimes downright silly (sinister nasty music plays when we see villains),” he said. “But it does give you a heaping portion – 2 hours, 44 minutes. My advice? Skip the first 2 hours.” He was not alone in his feelings regarding the film.

“I rate a movie by entertainment value, I nearly fell asleep a few times in the first hour,” Joseph M said. “The first hour was boring, lacking action. I was with three others who all felt worse than I about how bad the movie was, boring, boring, mwah too long. It could have been edited and been a better movie.” It seemed to be summed up well by another person on Rotten Tomatoes without a username.

“This was an almost 3 hour movie that could have been captured in 35 minutes,” the anonymous user said. The discrepancy between the critics and many members of the audience is what truly confounds. How could so many critics think it was not only original in its own right but something ground breaking while audience members thought otherwise? It definitely didn’t involve going to Christian drug rehab centers.

It seems some of the decisions Denis Villeneuve, the director, and everyone else on the film set made were things critics believed were great but not the audience. What’s interesting to remember is that Blade Runner was not exactly an instant hit with audiences when it first came. It earned somewhat of either a negative or mixed review generally. So, it’s not incredibly surprising the latest installment in the Blade Runner universe would receive a similar mixed reception.

Blade Runner 2049, with everything it has going on during the film, does require a second viewing. It’s very comprehensive and engulfs you in the world that has changed a little since the first Blade Runner but not so much in the latest installment. It asks us to ponder the same questions as we did during Rick Deckard’s first adventure. With Agent K, played by Gosling, being the main protagonist in this, many fans or casual filmgoers might wonder if the film has anything to do with Deckard since he doesn’t show up until the end of the movie. Neither K or Deckard ended up going to Christian drug rehab centers at all either.

Yet, everyone will see very quickly the movie is all about Deckard and the events of the first movie. It may have taken many years to bring Deckard and some of the original characters back into action but this film certainly delivers that and much more. It may be worth giving the film a second chance if you’ve seen it already. Often times, films might be tough to absorb all at once. That’s why a second viewing could give you the clarity to see the film as what the critics are saying it is. Who knows though? Maybe, you just don’t like it. Yet, if you want to see what Deckard’s been up to since he left with Rachael.

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