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Hopefully Will Smith does not sign on to play Genie in Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin

Hopefully Will Smith does not sign on to play Genie in Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin

Will Smith, once the most bankable actor in Hollywood, is in talks to play Genie in the live-action Aladdin film. While that may sit okay with some of you, surely there is someone grabbing their face like “Will Smith, why don’t you care?”

Deadline reports the talks are early, and let’s hope everyone decides to shut up soon. Genie?! Will Smith can’t sing. The man could barely rap. And, before you point those pitchforks in my direction, I’m getting jiggy wit it as you read this. After all, we are still in the Willenium. So, what I’m saying is, I’m a fan. That, and “Damn, damn, damn!”

Will began to lose me (some of you may have held on to the Wiltantic longer than I did) at I Am Legend in 2007. I am sorry, but that was not a good zombie or apocalypse film. It wasn’t even a good Will Smith film. This is how you behave after ALMOST making me cry in The Pursuit of Happiness? Moving on, Seven Pounds was trash, and that’s all we’ll say about that.  Men in Black 3 was better than number 2, but that doesn’t mean $#!$. In one of my dumber decisions, I watched After Earth to completion… because I trusted you Will Smith.

I won’t lie to you all and tell you that I watched Focus and/or Concussion. By this point, I’d already put all the clothes Will left in my house in a box; and set it on fire. I’ve heard from friends that still see him, those movies were “aight.” One woman even told a convincing tale that Concussion deserved an Oscar nomination, but I believe she just wanted to waste a couple more hours of my life.

Will, please just make Bad Boys 3, and earn some credibility back.

I never thought I’d see the day when I wanted to see you and Martin Lawrence hit the mean streets of Florida (right? Ah, who cares) and curse at one another. But, dammit Will, it’s been too long since you made me laugh. It’s been too long since you ALMOST made me cry. You were supposed to be the new Denzel. Now, you’re the new Eddie Murphy? Deadline also reported you were once in early talks for the live-action DUMBO movie coming down the pipe.

Are you just taking these meetings for the free parking validation? Have they kidnapped one of your children, are they forcing you to be in these headlines? Is Willow okay? How is Jaden? There’s another one… you know who I’m talking about. But, hopefully these early talks will be just that. As much as I hate to say it, there’s only one man who can fill Robin Williams’ shoes as Genie. And, he can’t sing either, but it was the role he was meant to play.


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