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WONDER WOMAN Breaks Another Record; Plus Sequel Announcement Coming

WONDER WOMAN Breaks Another Record; Plus Sequel Announcement Coming

Splashummies, Patty Jenkins can be spotted doing the Charleston at some Applebee’s tonight. “Why would she be in an Applebee’s?”, you might be asking. Well, it’s one of the few establishments you can party like a rock star without being asked to leave. Because at Applebee’s you’re not family, but you don’t have to ask permission to grab stuff from the fridge. If you see Patty Jenkins, it’s best to keep your distance because she might start moshing. You see, Wonder Woman just broke another record, and became the third-highest grossing Warner Bros. film OF ALL TIME (in North America)! Dance, Patty, Dance!

Through Sunday, Wonder Woman‘s domestic total was $380.7 million, compared with $381 million for Deathly Hallows: Part 2. The studio’s two top-grossing films domestically are Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight ($533.3 million) and The Dark Knight Rises($448.1 million), again, not adjusting for inflation. Now, here’s something interesting from The Hollywood Reporter:

Wonder Woman is now assured of becoming the top-grossing movie of summer 2017, besting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which has grossed $386.6 million domestically to date. (Wonder Woman will ultimately earn north of $390 million in North America.)

Perhaps I’m slow, but how is WW assured of becoming the top-grossing movie of the summer. Guardians came out later, and has almost made the same amount domestically. It will probably be in theaters longer, maybe not. Also, Spider-Man: Homecoming hasn’t really been given time (not even two weeks) for us to make such a bold claim. But, nevertheless, congrats to Patty Jenkins and her cast and crew. And, congrats to anyone getting a percentage of that back end. Get PAID.

Oh, and little tidbit, it’s expected that Warner Bros. will announce Wonder Woman’s sequel at San Diego Comic Con!

Do you think Wonder Woman will end up being the top-grossing movie of the summer?

Let’s debate!

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