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WONDER WOMAN May Just Have Lowest DCEU Opening

WONDER WOMAN May Just Have Lowest DCEU Opening

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but Wonder Woman is predicted to have the lowest grossing opening weekend of any DCEU film. BoxOfficePro is forecasting a 3-day opening weekend of $83M at the North American box office and a domestic total of $225M. Which is a lot of money in the grand scheme of things but we’re comparing WW numbers with that of Superman, Batman, and Suicide Squad. Kind of doesn’t seem fair does it? Here’s why, WW might as well be an unknown property to this generation.

Okay, no disrespect to WW, but how many of you read her comics? Let’s pretend some of you raised your hands. Now then, when was the last WW movie? Basically never, unless you want to count the attempts that would fizzle out decades ago. How about that television show in the 70’s right? Well, there’s a good chance baby boomers aren’t going to be flooding theaters on opening weekend. Not in great enough numbers that it would matter.

So, why bring up the fact that the world really doesn’t care (or know enough to care) about Diana Prince? Simple; how many film and television series have we seen since the 80’s based on Superman and Batman? Too many to count. All of these characters are legendary, but Supes and Bats are so prominently displayed in our culture, people went out in droves to see Batman V Superman despite warnings from every critic. Aside from the fact that they’re all on the Justice League, should we be comparing them?

One more thing, WW is going up against Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, AND The Mummy, with Tom freakin’ Cruise! WW is not popular enough to beat off Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise. And, let’s say she will win the weekend, do you think they aren’t going to get their fair share of the box office take? That’s highly unlikely. But, best of luck to Diana. And, maybe The Mummy will su.. I can’t. I’m rooting for you Mummy!

Do you think Wonder Woman will be the lowest DCEU project? Let us know below.

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