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WONDER WOMAN Is Receiving Positive Early Reactions

WONDER WOMAN Is Receiving Positive Early Reactions

Splasholas, you might find this hard to believe but Wonder Woman is getting some pretty positive early reactions. Now, that goes contrary to the earlier rumors that it was “salvageable” and potentially another failure in the making on DC’s part. Honestly, I haven’t seen it, and I’m skeptical given the past films and what we have seen from other stories in the DCEU. But, that doesn’t mean that Wonder Woman’s first solo film won’t be incredible.

There is a chance that director Patty Jenkins hit a home run with Princess Diana’s origin story. Some reactions to the film have gone as far as calling it “the best DC movie since The Dark Knight.” First, let me just say I’m glad Rises wasn’t on the end of that quote. Second, that is one hell of a statement… or, is it? Everything that has followed has been pretty craptacular, yes, I’m including Rises.

I don’t know about you, but I’m an optimist. And, the thought of Wonder Woman being a great film is a warming one. Though I’ll admit I’m not much of a Wonder Woman fan, I love superhero(ine) films and hope Gal Gadot is as good as people are saying. The only bummer for yours truly is having to sit through another World War movie. Thankfully the entire movie doesn’t exist in the war, and they chose to go with WW1, instead of the dead horse we call World War 2.  Chris Pine will surely make for a witty mansel-in-distress, and has Ares even been given lines in a trailer? I’m asking because I haven’t watched a trailer (watches trailer on YouTube, see below). He didn’t, but I did catch his 2 seconds of fame! We do get plenty of half-face time from Doctor Poison though so… there’s that.

Wonder Woman will be a smash hit. Why? Because regardless of how great (or mediocre) the film is, women will propel it to success. It has no choice but to succeed. It’s pretty amazing this is the first Wonder Woman movie, decades after her beloved television show. Even Marvel (for whatever reasons) has yet to release a solo heroine film. Captain Marvel is still way out, and was even delayed. So, expect every mother, daughter, and any man related to a woman to make their way out to support this project. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen EVERY X:MEN film, and hated most of them. So, even if Wonder Woman isn’t great, it deserves a chance.

Are you looking forward to Wonder Woman releasing June 2nd? Let us know in the comments.

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