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WONDER WOMAN Set To Make A Huge Global Debut

WONDER WOMAN Set To Make A Huge Global Debut

Splashantians, it appears that Wonder Woman may just end up being a slam dunk for Warner Bros. after all. We went from discussing how it might be a relatively small pop in the world of superhero films, to now banking an estimated $175M in its opening weekend. What?! Good word of mouth is certainly assisting in this underdog’s tale. Right now, Wonder Woman sits at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Not too freakin’ shabby, but it’s only 70 reviews in, and a movie of this hype can expect 250+ reviews.

Stateside, Wonder Woman is only expected to do $65M-75M, but overseas its really expected to pull in the big bucks. Deadline estimates that WW will bring in north of $90M if it can maintain a strong Rotten Tomatoes score. This is the most anyone has been excited about a DC movie since The Dark Knight. From what I’ve heard (from our editor) the movie is a work of art. So, bravo to director Patty Jenkins, star Gal Gadot, and everyone else involved. Enjoy all the success before Marvel… I’m kidding.

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Are you one of the many looking forward to Wonder Woman‘s debut this weekend? Still skeptical, and need a friend (or 12) to see it and come back with positive feedback? I can’t blame you if you’re a little apprehensive. Speaking only for myself, the decision to see Wonder Woman will be one of impulse.

Well, impulse and a dash of rock, paper, scissors. If I’m walking past a movie theater and someone says “Want to see a film set in World War 1?” I’ll respond “no.” But, if they win a game of RPS, I will go. Let us pray the theater serves white cherry Icees and inexpensive nachos. Luckily, Wonder Woman isn’t relying on me for success.

Let us know how you feel in the comments.

Source: Deadline

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