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Casting List for X-MEN DARK PHOENIX Hints at New Characters

Casting List for X-MEN DARK PHOENIX Hints at New Characters

The new X-Men are younger and without their Wolverine mascot, but that doesn’t mean they are without some fire power. The last X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse, saw the introduction and in my opinion untimely death of one of their oldest enemies while also bringing to the screen an almost forgotten mishap of the previous X-Men movies, Dark Phoenix. Though some would agree that unleashing this cosmic power house in Jean’s psyche so early seemed premature, those same people would have to admit it was done far better than what we saw the earlier X-Men renditions attempt.

We saw the reluctance to release such a power and her battle to contain it, but we also saw her slow embrace of what it can do to save the lives of those she loves. So, here we are, the end of Apocalypse and the obvious fourth film of this series, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which is set to begin shooting this June in the great city of Montreal. We already know some of the faces that will be on the screen but a recent casting list has many more character names added to it that give the impression of this next film being one of a large scale. Let’s take a look at some of the names and possible (more likely than not) roles they will play in the film.

The first name on the casting list is Hiroshi, who is being casted as a young Japanese man, brash, confident, and hot headed…. wait, this sounds like Sunfire! This is not to be confused with the X-Factor character, Sunspot, who is also making his film debut in the MCU. Sunfire brings much of the same powers as Sunspot, an ability to absorb the suns rays for enhances abilities, but may be more on the “I’ll roast you” side of the spectrum.

Marie, who some know as Ann Marie, is another casting name that appeared. For comic fans we know her as the mutant Rogue who has not made an appearance as of yet with these young X-Men and has always been an important part of the team with her strength and ability absorbing power.

Lucca, or Karl Lykos is a character many just knew as Sauron, the pterodactyl like mutant that roamed the Savage Land. His ability of life draining and hypnotic manipulation could easily play into the plot of this upcoming film. Not to mention that at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse we see an Essex Corp employee collecting vials of mutant DNA from the lab Weapon-X escapes from. Again, for comic book fans this spells Mister Sinister.

There are several other names of less known characters but strong mutant none the less, even mention of there being the Shi’ar empire involved in this movie, which immediately puts it on a huge production level since the idea of going in space or some intergalactic force coming to earth so soon could spell a open world of possibilities beyond the traditional paths of Magneto, Sabretooth, or Sentinels as the main antagonists.

For a complete list just head over to That Hashtag Show.

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