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Zachary Levi To Star In DC Universe’s SHAZAM!

Zachary Levi To Star In DC Universe’s SHAZAM!

Splasheens, as annoying as it is to include the exclamation point in the title, we finally have our Captain Marvel for DC’s Shazam! If you’ve been of television watching age since 2007, you’ve quietly watched (and probably cheered) as Zachary Levi went from NBC’s Chuck to the superhero that will one day square of with Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson). I recall how Chuck‘s fate seemed like it was always in the air. But, it kept coming back until the show finally took its bow. Levi has made appearances in the MCU as Thor’s buddy Fandral, and appeared in that Heroes: Rebirth show many of you forgot to watch. But, he’s in different company now, cause Zachary’s a superhero now!

Not all is gravy though. Here’s a little more information about the project. David F. Sandberg is directing Shazam! for New Line Cinema. The studio is high on Sandberg and sees him as a homegrown talent after putting out his first feature Lights Out in 2016, and releasing the helmer’s Annabelle: Creation, the latest installment in the Conjuring universe. Now, while the $15 million horror sequel has earned $303 million worldwide since opening in August, that doesn’t mean it was a great film. My review is here, and after seeing IT, I like it even less. And, Lights Out was a great idea, with an okay execution.

Plus, the excitement of seeing Levi face off with Johnson as Black Adam has been snatched from the initial film. Perhaps it would be better if Man of Steel‘s sequel came out first, with a cameo by Shazam! to save his butt. But, that’s a problem for another day I suppose. Someone didn’t think that one through. Remove Johnson from the Shazam! film, then give Black Adam his own movie (because people are going to love a film about a villain they don’t know) and shoehorn Black Adam into the next Superman film? Yeah, that sounds great.

But, kudos to Zachary Levi! He’ll look great by the time they start filming, and hopefully by the time Shazam! drops the #DCUniverse will have its act together.

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