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Zack Snyder Erases JUSTICE LEAGUE From Twitter Feed, Sparking Online Speculation

Zack Snyder Erases JUSTICE LEAGUE From Twitter Feed, Sparking Online Speculation

The speculation-fueled saga of the upcoming Justice League movie continued today folks, with the next chapter being former director (or current co-director?) Zack Snyder removing references to that DCEU film from both his profile picture and banner on his Twitter account.

Let us recap: first we broke the news that Warner Bros. was planning extensive reshoots on the picture, and then we found out that Snyder was out and pal Joss Whedon had taken over both for the reshoots and post-production. Later we learned that Zack Snyder had left the project to deal with the horrific untimely death of his daughter.

The question on everyone’s mind of course was just how much would Whedon change and whether and to what extent this would ruffle the feathers of the successful former director.

As to the former question, it remains our understanding that Whedon was keeping the same tone to the film despite reshoots and despite hiring a new composer.

As to the latter, however, we do not and may never know. Indeed, the extent of the changes could in turn affect how much Snyder sours on everything that’s happened.

But the PR for the at times troubled film was not helped yesterday when, in commenting on the passing of George Romero, Zack Snyder appeared to sterilize his Twitter profile from welcome references to Justice League. Since then, people have been wondering online whether he’s “wiping his hands” off of the project, or whether the change is innocuous.

What do you think? Is Snyder showing contempt for what’s happening with the film he first directed, or are people reading too much into it?

Judge his twitter account for yourself.

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