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Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn Up To Helm THE FLASH

Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn Up To Helm THE FLASH

Last month we shared the news that Warner Bros. had revved the engines to get a move on The Flash film with the goal of getting the movie in motion this year. They had their sights on Robert Zemeckis as the potential director to spear head this revival of one of the most popular characters in the DC universe, now they have another possible option in Matthew Vaughn.

Both would be great choices to light the torch of the speedster but both have some obstacles that could cause Warner Bros. to look elsewhere. Robert Zemeckis is the director in the cross hairs for them but is currently scheduled to direct an untitled film that will begin production this August. He refuses to budge on the date, which creates a major dent in the plans of the Warner Bros getting The Flash started by the end of the year.

Matthew Vaughn has a beast of his own. Though he is another high candidate and has no films he is working on presently, he has high hopes of convincing Fox to let him direct the third Kingsman film that will ride the golden wave the second film Kingsman: The Golden Circle, will surely create when it is released this coming fall.

Matthew Vaughn has interest in taking the wheel as he has expressed to studio execs but there is always a chance that he is using this opportunity to boost his appeal to Fox. In the end Warner Bros. may have to choose between sticking to their plans and waiting it out to see if they can pull either Vaughn or Zemeckis into the DCEU.

Source: Variety

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